Risk Assessment

Risk assessment mainly deals with identification of hazards, analysing and evaluating the risks associated. The appropriate ways to curb or to control the hazards is also studied. The General Approaches to Risk assessment involves techniques help in creating awareness regarding the different potential hazards, identifying the people who pose the major risk due to the biohazards; formulate the control measures and prioritizing the hazards and control measures. The methods of hazard control can be mainly categorized under Elimination which also includes substitution, Environmental Engineering controls, administrative controls and personal protective equipment. Risk Assessment involves a lot of documentation such as hazard review, risks associated with the hazards, control measures implemented accordingly.

  • General approaches to risk assessment
  • Medical applications and antipathogenic capabilities
  • System of classification and labelling of chemicals
  • Chemical safety assessment
  • Occupational exposure limit
  • Risk to children of passive smoking
  • Biologically based quantitative risk assessment
  • Risk analysis

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